How To Shop For A Title Company

Dec 1, 2022

How To Shop For A Title Company

How To Shop For A Title Company

You’ve found your new home and negotiated a price with the owners. How do the two of you go through the transaction? 

That’s where a title company like Boundary Title & Escrow in Huntsville, AL comes in. We perform all the necessary services to legally transfer home ownership from a seller to a buyer with plenty of financial protections. 

You should know that not all title companies are the same. Expect different services, policies, and sometimes different prices depending on who you choose as your title company. 

If you are getting to choose the title company for your transaction, we have a few tips on choosing a title company.

Who Chooses a Title Company

Typically, the home buyer chooses the title company in most regions of the United States. There may be exceptions in the area you are interested in living. Your real estate agent will be aware of local laws and conventions. Consult your agent if you are uncertain about how to proceed. 

Shopping for Title Services 

You should start your search for a reputable title company with your Realtor. They will probably have preferences based on their experience working in the industry. Beyond that, you can ask friends and family for suggestions. If someone you know recently bought a house, they will likely have something to say about the quality of service. 

It’s worth noting that there’s sometimes affiliation between real estate brokerages and title companies. It’s a reasonable arrangement since their services go hand in hand, but be aware that you don’t have any particular obligation to use your real estate agent’s affiliated title company. You can make your own choices regarding title services. 

Things To Look For In A Title Company 

Not all fees associated with a title search and escrow are the same from one title company to another title company. The premiums related to title insurance are set by underwriters and regulated by the state, but fees for additional services the title company provides can vary. For instance, title companies tend to set their own rates for title searches, document preparation, and other closing services. 

You can always get a quote from the title companies you’re interested in working with and make price comparisons before you make your decision. Remember that you don’t always want the cheapest option, though. Quality of service is what matters most!

Shopping for Your Title Services

If you are in the market for title services, consider Boundary Title & Escrow as your title company in Huntsville, AL. We’ll put our experience and professional experts to work securing your title and getting you and your family into your new home. Choose Boundary Title & Escrow for your title services. 

Boundary Title & Escrow handles escrow accounts and ensures property titles are clear of any liens or claims. We also take property surveys and provide title insurance. 

A title is ordered, and a title search is performed once an offer is accepted on a home and the buyer and seller have agreed to all terms. Making sure the title is clean is one step to ensuring a smooth closing and transfer of ownership. 

Work With Bounrady Title & Escrow

With our focus on customer satisfaction and quality services, Boundary Title & Escrow is ready to be your partner in the process. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing excellent title and escrow services.

This material is provided as a courtesy and for educational purposes only.  Please consult your title professional for specific information regarding your situation.

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